#296 The Island of Culture

Project to convert the ex paper factory of Vaprio introducing a functional mix, primarily cultural.

Location: Vaprio d'Adda, Italia
Project year: 2014

Client: Gest Edil srl

#276 Gated Complex 

Concept design for an environmentally friendly settlement by the sea of the United Arab Emirates.

Invitation competition
Location: United Arab Emirates 
Project year: 2012

Dimension: 600'000 sqm

#254 M4 Forlanini

Design of the national railway and subway line exchange station.

Invitation competition
Location: Milan, Italia
Project year: 2009

Promoter: City of Milan and Milan Subway

#248 Bangui Bridge

Design and feasibility study for the realization of a bridge on the Obangui river.

Invitation competition
Location: Bangui, Central African Republic
Project year: 2008

#241 Turin: The city, the river, the hill

Urban and environmental rearrangement and the infrastructural organization of a specific area between via Vittorio Veneto, the Po river bank and the Gran Madre di Dio square.

Invitation competition
Location: Turin, Italy 
Project year: 2007

Promoter: City of Torino

#183 Chiaves Footbridge

Po river footbridge with bike lane, connecting city squares Chiaves and Carrara.

Limited competition, 1st Price
Location: Turin, Italy 
Project year: 2004
Construction year: 2005
Construction time: 500 days
Cost: €2'000.000.-

Promoter: City of Torino

Collaboration: Whitby Bird, B&C

#124 Bari

Masterplan of the area next to Vittoria Stadium. 

Invitation competition
Location: Bari, Italia
Project year: 1998

Dimension: 1'000'000 sqm

Promoter: City of Bari

Collaboration: Architects Etienne Borgos, Matteo Fantoni and Alan Wilkinson,
Engineer Ferdinando Di Paola


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