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#305 Andante ma non Troppo

Participation to the Interior Design show Casacor at Club Hipico in Santiago, Chile. 

Project and realization of a meeting and trophy room, using wooden textures and reflective materials (mirror, chrome) to create a luminous space.
Location: Club Hipico, Santiago, Cile
Project and mounting year: 2014
Dimension: 42 sqm
Material and product sponsors: Masisa (boiserie, shelves, table), Behr, Luxaflex, Kalpakian, NovaImagen (Giulitta chairs, Round Chrome lamp), Trofeos Pazos, Grow.

#301 Tambo Lodge

Participation to the Interior Design show Casacor at Estadio Español in Santiago, Chile. 

Obtaining the Masisa price (main sponsor Casacor) and  1°price to the best Interior Architecture.
Project and realization of a hotel lounge set in San Pedro di Atacama, using natural materials and colours to create a peacefull space.
Location: Estadio Español, Santiago, Chile
Project and mounting year: 2013
Dimension: 70 sqm
Material and product sponsors:
Chilean Companies: Masisa, Hunter Douglas, Luxaflex, Duomo, LG, Mobler, Sherwin Williams, Linos Austral, Arte Etnico.
Italian Industry: Living Divani


#288 Suite n°1

Participation to the Interior Design show Casacor at Fattoria Italia in Santiago, Chile.

Project and realization of a Hotel Suite using high quality materials and products.
Location: Fattoria Italia, Santiago, Chile
Project and mounting year: 2012
Dimension: 28 sqm
Material and product sponsors: Chilean companies: Masisa, Hunter Douglas, Luxaflex, 3 Form, Atika, AudioLab, Glasmar, Induvet, Paulina Sir, Opendark, Majen, Las Lira Flores, AD Area Design, Design for Life, Rennova.
Italian Industries: Castiglioni  Spa, Society, Eclettis, Sea & Symphony, Rubinetterie Stella, Pulsanterie Toscane, Windisch.

#111 Evento Welcome Chilean Designer

Realized at VK Studio on April 15th 2011 to welcome Chilean designers selected to participate at Salone del Mobile 2011- Salone Satellite in Milan, and introduce Cilean Design  to Italian and European industrialists and people related to the design field.

Location: Studio VK, Lake Como
Date: 15.04.2011
Sponsor: Chilean Embassy in Italy, ProChile, Emiliana Vineyard.
Chilean designers: Rodrigo Alonso, GT2P-Sebastian Rozas, Guillermo Parada, Alexi Narvaez, Made in Mimbre-Cristián e Raul Dominguez, Jaim Telias.
Exposed work by: Gonzalo Martinez (illustrator), Macarena Achurra (photography), GrupoTalca (Pino Huacho design).
Photography: Roberta Butti


#111 Mostra Progetti e Ricerche in Architettura

Architecture  exhibit realised at the Helsana Formation Center in Bellinzona, during the publication of the book: Progetti e Ricerche in Architettura,  (Projects and research in Architecture) from Venelli Kramer Architects and Ribo Architecture.

Location: Helsana Formation Center, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Date: 2 - 22.12.2004
Sponsor: Allianz Suisse, Helsana.
Photgraphy: Enrico Cano

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