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Ruggero Venelli

Ruggero Venelli was born in Como, Italy, and graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 1987.

He is a member of the Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Como, and is a qualified Construction Safety Coordinator.

Ruggero has been an enthusiastic and active sailor since the age of 10, when he first started sailing on lake Como.  Another early passion was windsurfing, which Ruggero also took up at a young age, eventually becoming part of the Mistral and Browning professional teams, and participating in several European championships.

He shares this love for sailing and windsurfing with a passion for every aspect of design; he designs the ‘Snake Custom Sails’ brand, and when not engaged in architectural studies, devotes most of his spare time to the design and production of high speed custom windsurf sails.

In 1990 Ruggero moved to Genoa and started working for Renzo Piano Building Workshop, becoming a design team member and developing several projects for the Columbus Celebrations (Congress Centre in Magazzini del Cottone, La  Nave Italia exhibition centre and the symbol of the Exhibition; the Bigo.)  His sails craftsmanship experience was of vital importance to the office in gaining the tender project of sail/flags designed especially for the Columbus Celebrations by  the Japanese sculptor Susumu Shingu.

Ruggero also took part in the development of the  Meridiana Business Centre in Lecco and the Genovese Underground Station in Piazza Caricamento.

In 1992 he joined Sir Norman Foster & Partners in London, where he worked as a senior designer on a number of international projects, such as; the Rotterdam Masterplan in Holland,  TGV Station studios in Barcelona, the Joslyn Art Museum extension in Nebraska USA (5.800sqm), the American Naval Academy in Rotterdam, Holland (3.000sqm), the Reichstag Competition phase 1 and 2 in Berlin (61.166sqm), the Tokyo Millenium Tower in collaboration with Obayashi Engineers, Competition in Freising, Germany (6.000sqm).

Due to this vast work experience, Ruggero has been able to establish and maintain contacts with top level consultants in the world of  architecture and engineering consultants, and has developed projects and competitions with their assistance. 

In September 1994, Ruggero returned to Italy and set up Venelli-Kramer Architects, with his partner Cecilia Kramer, a company dedicated to offering architectural services to both the private and public sectors.

VK, through being awarded work on various, prestigious projects, has gained a sound reputation as a dynamic and innovative company.  Our work demonstrates dedication to ongoing and functional research, through the use of new construction technologies and materials.