Custom Design

#281 Engadine chandelier


#263 Ruy (1961)

Refitting of the wooden classic Venetian motorboat Ruy fully restored in mahogany.

Location: Ernesto Riva Shipyard, Lake Como, Italy
Project and construction year: 2010
Overall length: 9m
Client: VKP
Photography: VK files

#255 VK Freeride Ski

Custom handmade top level skis, crafted in limited numbers with poplar, beech and birch wood, assembled and finished up completely by hand.

#218 Natural leather lined cabinet

Leather lined cabinet, illuminated inside, with red Alcantara interiors realized to contain cutlery, glasses and silverware.

Dimension: 320x50 H72cm
Materials/finishes:  leather lined wood panel, red Alcantara, structure in satin stainless steel.
Photography: Enrico Cano


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